1. Hyperballad
  2. Alarm Call
  3. Human Behavior
  4. Show Me Forgiveness (arr. Luthra)
  5. Army of Me
  6. Hunter (arr. Pratt)
  7. Who Is It
  8. Cocoon
  9. Enjoy (arr. Schmidt)
  10. Overture to Dancer in the Dark
  11. All songs composed by Bjork et al., arranged by Travis Sullivan unless otherwise noted.

Travis Sullivan’s Bjorkestra’s critically acclaimed studio recording that showcases Sullivan’s original arrangements of the  pop artist Bjork.  Produced by Grammy Award-winning producer Jason Miles and featuring an amazing lineup of NYC-based jazz musicians.

“Whether playing it straight through from beginning to end or skipping around, there’s little chance you won’t be impressed.“


Travis Sullivan, alto saxophone & arrangements; Becca Stevens, vocals; Alex Fortuit, laptop programming; Arun Luthra, alto saxophone; Sean Nowell, tenor saxophone; Steve Welsh, tenor saxophone; Lauren Sevian, baritone saxophone; Alan Ferber, trombone; Ryan Keberle, trombone; Andrew Gold, trombone; Kevin Schmidt, trombone; Kevin Bryan, trumpet; Eli Asher, trumpet; Kelly Pratt, trumpet; Alicia Rau, trumpet; Art Hirahara, piano; Yoshi Waki, bass; Joe Abbatantuono, drums; Brian Fishler, drums.